What is a corridor?

Landscape-level approach to biodiversity conservation, through “landscape initiatives” that take various forms, including corridor initiatives, mega-reserves and biosphere reserves.

This approach provides for an appropriate scale at which to engage local role-players in the promotion of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Role-players, including government, conservation agencies, communities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector, co-ordinate strategically and undertake joint projects – working within and beyond protected areas to create a mosaic of land uses in which biodiversity compatibility is maximized. 


Thin strips of habitat that connect isolated patches of habitat; are lifelines for native plants and animals that live in the connected patches and therefore are a useful tool for conserving biodiversity.


This is a link of wildlife habitat, generally native vegetation, which joins two or more larger areas of similar wildlife habitat. Corridors are critical for the maintenance of ecological processes including allowing for the movement of animals and the continuation of viable populations.