Mission & Vision


The Mission of the RCCPE is to establish, maintain and sustain the critical eco-corridor linking the Garden Route National Park to the Robberg Nature Reserve, situated within the recently declared UNESCO Garden Route Biosphere Reserve. In terms of our Mission: 

  •  Alien Vegetation is actively managed and controlled 
  •  Healthy fynbos is promoted through periodic, controlled- burning regimes 
  •  Uncontrolled fire risk to property is actively managed and mitigated 
  •  East-west movement of ecological patterns and processes are actively promoted 
  •  Heritage sites are actively protected 
  •  Illegal activities that threaten the protection of indigenous flora and fauna are actively monitored and discouraged 
  •  Any land-use change is monitored to ensure respect for the ecological integrity of the Corridor 
  •  The Robberg Peninsular is saved from becoming stranded from the ecological processes upon which its long-term diversity and survival depends 


Our Vision is to protect and sustain for posterity, the unique biodiversity and exceptional beauty of the Robberg Coastal Corridor and to ensure a healthy and functioning ecosystem within it. By so doing we aspire to protect its threatened species and to secure the long-term ecological future of the Robberg Peninsula. 

Realisation of our Vision necessitates a sustainable economic model, primarily based on guided trails and eco-tourism, that enhances the socio-economic welfare of local communities.