The Inqua Hiking Trail and the unique natural environment it traverses is managed and maintained by the RCCPE NPO which has invested considerable resources and time towards its establishment and upkeep. Revenue from the Inqua Trail is the sole financial means to sustain the entire eco-corridor which links the Robberg Nature Reserve to the Garden Route National Park and forms part of the greater Eden to Addo corridor initiative.

Not only is this an area of outstanding natural and scenic beauty with significant geographical, archaeological and paleoanthropological sites but it is also an area that has been identified as Critically Biodiverse. When hiking the Inqua Trail, you are quite literally hiking for conservation.

Your support and participation will directly help the RCCPE to continue our efforts to preserve critically endangered plant and animal species, foster biodiversity and allow us to continue in our efforts to protect and conserve this crucial ecological environment from the threat of ongoing and rapid coastal development.

Mindful Hiking. Reconnect.

Reconnection is at the very heart of all we do. We physically manage and co-ordinate the reconnection of portions of land to create vital, natural corridors which conserve and promote biodiversity in an increasingly fragile and threatened environment. We then also provide an equally invaluable opportunity for you to experience and immerse yourself within this pristine environment.

The Inqua Trail, is not simply another adrenalin fuelled wander in the wild. Rather, it is an opportunity to awaken your senses and authentically connect with the wonder of your place within the world. Our expert, professional guides are not only equipped to share the natural gems this trail holds, but have also been trained to guide and lead intuitively. This is so much more than a hike.  


“A magnificent experience – from the scenery, the caves, the tidal pools, the luxury camping and the dedicated guides. The best three days you could have.”

Alice Shaw

Inqua Trail, 2023

The Inqua Trail


Amphitheatre Leg. 9km. 489m elevation gain.
Moderate difficulty with some coastal rock scrambling (20%) which can be difficult for inexperienced hikers. There is also one short, steep but fun 3m climb up a chimney, made easy by a professionally installed via ferratta – 30cm stainless steel staples .

Day 1 begins at Robberg Nature Reserve with a visit to the archaeological dig at Nelson’s Bay Cave which sets the tone for the rest of the hike, walking in the footsteps of our ancestors’. The entire corridor falls within the Cradle of Human Culture and the cave clearly illustrates our existence here over 140 000 years ago during the Middle Stone Age. We then head out of Robberg Nature Reserve and onto what is colloquially known as “the wild side” of Plettenberg Bay.

The scenic value of Day 1 is world class and includes multiple caves and clear rock pools waiting to refresh weary hikers. Even on the wildest of weather days safe pools can be found. A short but fun, steep chimney climb and numerous multi-disciplinary sites – pristine, undisturbed geological, paleoanthropological, and archaeological sites – form part of the day’s packed itinerary.

The highlight of Day 1 is undoubtedly the spectacular and awe inducing Amphitheatre, dating to the Jurassic period and beyond. From there, we move up through undisturbed southern Outeniqua sandstone fynbos where you will see some top red lis, high priority species of flora, then loop back around onto the dramatic coastline as a massive sea arch is revealed in the distance. Finally, we descend to the camp and nearby tidal rock pools, nestled in a sheltered, quiet coastal cove – your home for the night.


Rondebossie Leg. 11km. 742m elevation gain.
Moderate to difficult hike with minimal coastal rock scrambling (5%) which can be challenging for inexperienced hikers. Much of the single track is loose broken rock and good hiking shoes are a must.

Day 2 begins immediately with a climb onto the coastal headland with the dramatic Rondebossie Neusgate forming an inspiring backdrop. As we traverse up towards the headland, a brief forested section follows the coastal plateau out onto spectacularly high cliffs providing an opportunity to witness sightings of otters, dolphins and whales.

After a comfortable hour or so walk we descend into the bay of Oumatjie which includes a series of dramatic arches, one of the largest caves, and some of the very best rock pools, of the Inqua Trail. A steep ascent onto Fynbos Nature Reserve opens up into an area of beautiful coastal fynbos and a long forested kloof that miraculously survived the 2017 fires.

Lunch is served either in this pocket of glorious, Afromontane overlooking rock pools or along the forested trail itself. A final 2km forest hike crosses over into Cairnbrogie and your campsite for the night. Depending on the weather, the campsite will either be set up near the coast or in a sheltered, forested area.


Crooks Crossing. 11km. 499m elevation gain. Difficult hike with around 50% of trail over loose or scrambling coastal rocky sections.

Day 3 begins by hiking the dramatic Cairnbrogie Coastal Corridor section before briefly crossing over onto MTO land and through into SANParks. From here you descend a scree slope and head back to the coastline, passing another magnificent fire survivor, an ancient Milkwood and a favourite spot for a well- deserved tea break.

Then it’s time to cross the small stream known as Crooks River and treat yourself to a refreshing swim in the sea at the pebbly beach, before moving on through SANParks to link up with the popular Kranshoek hiking trail. This section takes you along the coastline, crossing scree slopes, coastal forest thicket and countless dramatic bays filled with lichen covered rocks.

Your final lunch stop is usually situated at the magnificent Harkerville viewing site, from where the shuttle will collect and return everyone to our beautiful bay, known affectionately by all as Plett. You would do well to extend your stay a day or two if possible and make the most of all this charming town has to offer.

“Probably the best hike of my life. Breathtaking scenery, fantastic guides, wonderful food and accomodation.

Bucket list stuff! This is simply a must do trail.”

André Beyers

Inqua Trail, 2022


  • Suitable Hiking Boots and Clothing Daypack
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Swimming Costume & Towel
  • Hat & Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Hiking Snacks
  • Drinks – other than water, coffee & tea Games – cards etc.
  • Fishing Rods & Valid Permit

Want to truly disconnect and authentically reconnect?

Leave your phone behind or in your bags to be portered to the campsites. Imagine a whole day with just you and your immediate surrounds – no distractions, no interruptions, no reminders.  Our guides will gladly take photos of your group throughout the hike if you are keen to do just that.


One Professional Guide and One Assistant Guide (as part of a local community internship program)

Refreshments en route

All meals – except lunch on first day

Shuttles – from and back to Cairnbrogie Farm where the initial debrief takes place and secure parking is available for your vehicles Porterage

Fully Catered Eco Bush Camp (fully removable) which includes –

  • Hot Showers
  • Compost Toilets (we use our own biochar from alien clearing operations)
  • Canvas 2 Sleeper Tents with comfortable beds, linen and towels
  • Solar lights
  • Tea, Coffee and Water in the camp
  • Dedicated Chef , Assistants and Camp Manager
  • Campfires